Frederick County Health Department License #4471


Non-profits.....Are you looking at providing food for your fundraising event, Let us help you with that.

We will come to your event and provide the equipment, you provide the staff.

We will sell you the following, you and your staff can then sell those at your price and you get the difference for your fundraiser. The items are prepared onsite by your staff manning the equipment with our supervision and you and your staff then hand that item to the purchaser. This can be done either out of our concession trailer or a building or setup that you might already have for this purpose.

Pit Beef (Sliced on a roll with BBQ sauce) - $3.00
Pulled Pork (BBQ Sandwich, pork with BBQ sauce) - $3.00
BBQ Parfait  (Cup with Beans, Pork, BBQ Sauce, Coleslaw) - $3.50
Burgers - $2.50
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Plain or with BBQ sauce) - $2.50
Hotdog - $1.50

Fries - $2.00
Loaded Fries (Fries, Pork, Cheese, and BBQ Sauce) - $3.50

Meats available with or without JSA Smokin' Original BBQ Sauce...
Extra BBQ sauce available with meat purchase, ask for sizes and prices

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